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Self-Care Card Deck

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The Self-Care card deck has been created to help inspire simple acts of self-care in your daily routine. This is the perfect card deck for anyone who struggles with acts of kindness towards themselves (like me!). Allow the cards to guide you with the areas of self-care that you need to focus more on. Use, read, and interpret each card any way you like!

Dedicated to the teenage version of myself, who was struggling daily with depression and anxiety. She could've really used something like this to help inspire acts of self-care on those low energy and bad mental health days.
  • 49 cards
  • Card size: 70 x 120 mm
  • Hand-folded box

Not sure how to use the cards? 
Any way you'd like! I personally recommend choosing at least 1 card each week as guidance towards the self-care the universe feels like you need to focus your energy on this week.

May these cards resonate with you, and help you on your journey. Self-Care is the sister of my Self-Love Affirmations card deck, they pair perfectly together. I highly recommend if you get one, to have both!