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Size Guide

All our rings are in U.S Ring Sizes.



15.6 MM 50 MM Size 5 Size J
16.5 MM 53 MM Size 6 Size L
17.25 - 17.5 MM 55 MM Size 7 Size N
18  - 18.25  MM 57 MM Size 8 Size P
18.75 - 19  MM 59 MM Size 9 Size R
19.75  MM 61 MM Size 10 Size T

How to easily figure out your Ring Size:

1. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, or non-stretchy string. Make sure it's 15cm long and 0.5cm wide.

2. Wrap the paper (or string) around one of your fingers. It needs to be snug (but not tight), and in the exact area of your finger that you'd like the ring to sit.

3. With a pen, mark the point in which the paper (or string) overlaps.

4. Use a ruler to measure the paper (or string) in Millimetres (mm).

5. Have a look at our Size Chart above, and find your measurement in the circumference column. Then check which Size it corresponds to in the 'US Size' column. Pick whichever size is closest to the mm you've measured, we always recommend sizing up (not down), as your fingers can swell (due to things like the weather, or exercising etc).

If your ring arrives and doesn't fit - don't stress! Just send us a message through the Contact Us page at the bottom of our website, and we can organise an exchange for you.



- Store in a jewellery box, or airtight container (away from direct sunlight).
- Please remove jewellery before showering/swimming etc.

- Remove jewellery before exercising, to prevent accidentally damaging the piece.
- Make sure you regularly clean your jewellery.
- Take jewellery off at bedtime.
- Please keep your jewellery away from cleaning products, lotions/oils, fake tan, perfumes, makeup, and hairspray. 

- Please store your Opal ring in a cool, dry place, as changes in temperature can cause Opals to crack.
- Please remove your ring before exercising/swimming/showering etc. Contact with water (or any liquid), and humidity can cause Opals to lose their colour.
- Please keep Opal away from cleaning products, lotions/oils, fake tan, perfumes, makeup, and hairspray.