How do I use affirmation cards?

Daily affirmation

While keeping your day ahead in mind, shuffle your card deck and pick one card out when you feel drawn to. Read this card, and use this as your affirmation for the day. Keep this affirmation in your mind, and repeat it regularly.

Weekly affirmation

Just like having a daily affirmation, you can also choose a weekly affirmation to focus on! Keep the week ahead in mind as you shuffle your deck of cards, and pick one card out when the time feels right.

Ask the cards a question

Another way you can use your deck, is by asking the cards a question while you shuffle. For example, you could ask the cards “What affirmation will help me get through this appointment/situation I’m feeling anxious about?”.

Places you can put your affirmation card

Here are a few suggestions of where you can keep you card(s) once you’ve picked them out for the day/week:

  • On your desk
  • Your bedside table
  • Take a photo, and make it your phone wallpaper
  • Frame your favourite affirmations, and decorate your room with them
  • Bookmark (I love using this option!)

There are SO many ways you can use affirmation cards. Just choose the way that feels most natural for you, and fits best into your routine.

Affirmation & oracle cards

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