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Hi there! My name is Ebony, I am the owner of manifest magic. I’m the one that packs your orders, responds to your emails, designs the card decks, makes all the social media posts, product photographer, website designer… I think you get the idea! So, here is a little bit about me - the real person you’re supporting when you shop with my small aussie business.

I am 27 years old, raised in the hunter valley (NSW) by my mum. A scorpio. I’ve loved crystals, animals, music & magical things since I was young. I've always had a strong interest for the internet & websites - I used to run a fan site for The Veronicas from the ages of 11-18. I’ve struggled with my mental health for most of my life, but have only recently been diagnosed with Autism & ADHD.

I never quite felt like I fit in anywhere when I was younger. Bullied for various reason during my schooling, I was always labeled as the quiet, shy, or 'weird' kid. During high school I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, but I believe I've had anxiety for most of my life. I left school at the end of Year 10 as I was really struggling with the social aspect, and how drastically it was affecting my mental health.

I went on to study at TAFE, but it didn't really hold my interest.. so I taught myself how to make iPhone apps while I was studying! I then left to pursue apps full time, after one of my applications went #1 in the photography section of the Australian app store. In 2013, I opened up an online store called Bad Witch selling crystals and jewellery. 

In recent years, Affirmations have played a big part in my own journey, so in late 2020 I started the process of creating my first ever card deck: Crystal Affirmations. 

By the end of January 2021, Crystal Affirmations was ready to be released to the world! To my amazement, Crystal Affirmations sold out in only THREE DAYS! I was truly not expecting that kind of reaction, and it inspired me to continue to create more.

I’m proud to create card decks that focus on a positive mindset, self-love, self-care, and positive self-talk. All things which I personally struggle with.

I hope my cards and the social media content I create will help you improve your relationship with yourself, just as creating them, helps me improve mine.

Thank you for your support!

Affirmation & oracle cards

Created to help you reconnect with yourself through different forms of self-love, self-care, & positive self-talk.

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