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You are Perfectly Aligned with your Dream

You are Perfectly Aligned with your Dream

Hi cutie, here is a gentle reminder that YOU are in perfect alignment with your dream.

I know it can be easy to compare your journey to another's journey (I do this myself), and wonder HOW they've achieved their dream so 'effortlessly'.

It's easy to look at someones Instagram, or Facebook account and think that things have come easy to them...

BUT we need to remember that what people show and put out on social media is such a SMALL part of their story. Not everyone shares their struggles, the hard days, the 'fails', and the mistakes. A lot of people on share their successes.

Every single time you "fail" or make a "mistake", you're learning a new lesson. This lesson gets you closer and closer to that magical dream you have.

What I'm getting at... is you've totally GOT this! Try your best not to compare your journey to others, they've just taken a different route. Everyones story is different. The universe has wonderful things in store for you.

I hope you have a wonderful day, sending BIG hug + good vibes your way.
Ebony x


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