Self-Care For Your Zodiac Sign

Self-Care For Your Zodiac Sign

I have intuitively selected a card from the self-care card deck for each of the 12 zodiac signs. This reading is the area of self-care that you need to focus more energy into, based on your sign. Whenever this blog post finds you is when you were meant to read this!

Aries, this week the universe would like you to look at new recipes and plan to cook a nutritious meal for yourself.

Taurus, find a daily affirmation that resonates with you, and will help assist, guide, and ground you throughout the week.

Gemini, reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while. Now is a good time to reconnect with someone that you miss.

✦ Cancer, put your favourite album on and have a little dance party in your room. Shake off any bad energy you don’t want to take into the next week!

✦ Leo, Write down in your journal or phone, 5 things that you love MOST about yourself. Keep working on that self-love! You’ll get there.

Virgo, it's time to start saying NO to people more often, instead of people-pleasing. Set healthy boundaries for yourself, it's not selfish to do this! You deserve safe spaces.

Libra, give yourself a day off this week where you can rest, refresh + relax. You've had a LOT going on, and you really deserve a break!

Scorpio, unfollow people on social media that make you feel negatively about yourself. You deserve to be able to relax and enjoy spending time on your phone.

✦ Sagittarius, create a vision board for the future. Start manifesting, and dreaming of all the things you want to do, see and achieve in the next year!

Capricorn, call or text a loved one. Spend some time this week chatting, and reconnecting with someone you love. I bet they miss you just as much as you miss them.

✦ Aquarius, meditate or take a nap. Things have been a stressful lately, and you deserve some peaceful time to yourself.

Pisces, have a movie date with yourself! Grab some popcorn, get the candles out, and have a cute little date night in. I couldn’t think of any better company!

Take a look at our Affirmation Cards below! Created to help you reconnect with yourself through different forms of self-love, self-care, & positive self-talk.

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Self-published positive affirmations & oracle card decks to help you reconnect with yourself through different forms of self-love, self-care, & positive self-talk.

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